Jonathan Gracia For State Representative, House District 38

“As someone surrounded by a family of educators at all levels, I am committed to advocate for policies that help them succeed and to eliminate policies that burden them.”           

Jonathan Gracia For State Representative, House District 38
Jonathan Gracia For State Representative, House District 38


This election year is going to give our community the opportunity to show what priorities we value most. At the forefront of these priorities are the ways we can best support and improve our public schools.

As your next State Representative, I will:

  1. Eliminate unnecessary administrative paperwork
  2. Advocate for the interests of students, teachers, counselors, administrators, and staff
  3. Fight to protect local control of public education by our local school boards and the communities that elect them
  4. Work to give schools the resources they need to recruit, train, and retain quality teachers
  5. Work to increase funding levels to ensure that our teachers have the resources necessary to teach our students

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, educators have had to adapt to the sudden shift to virtual learning and other challenges related to keeping their students engaged while maintaining important safety measures. These burdens rested solely on our educators, forcing them to make very difficult decisions. Our teachers are not alone during this time nor will they be whenever the next challenge arises.

In Austin, I will work hard to ensure that our educator’s receive the recognition they deserve and for policies that will improve their quality of life.

I am blessed to have married a lifelong educator – a teacher of fifteen years and now a public school counselor. I have seen first-hand her sacrifices and her dedication. From late nights preparing the next week’s lesson plans, to having to guide students and support them with their struggles, my wife’s work – and the work of all other teachers, counselors, and staff – do not go unnoticed and are not unappreciated – I recognize their sacrifices, and I promise that I will make our educators a priority in Austin.


Our commitment to public education not only provides the best outcomes for our students, but also has a positive effect on our whole economy. Investments in our schools and in our educators now are investments in our state’s future.

Jonathan Gracia For State Representative, House District 38

Join me in supporting the following initiatives:

  • Increasing teacher, counselor, and staff pay
  • Lower the student-teacher ratio to address overcrowding classrooms
  • Support state funding to reimburse teachers for their out-of-pocket expenses when buying supplies for their students and the classroom
  • Enact TRS reforms to ensure our retired teachers have the benefits and retirement that they deserve
  • Ensure that counselor work time is dedicated to helping and supporting our students and is not used as a purely administrative role
  • Increase funding for our school finance system
Jonathan Gracia For State Representative, House District 38